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High performance digital wireless stereo headphone optimized for movies, games and music

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  • AKG 标志性声音

    凭借超过 60 年专业领域经验,与音乐专业人士紧密合作的成果。 只为让您的耳朵感受激励人心的 AKG 声音。

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Superior audio quality combined with ease of use makes wireless a hassle free benefit.

The new AKG K935 wireless headphones are the perfect complement to your home audio system.

Your music, movies, and games come alive while you enjoy unrestrained freedom to move. Connect the transmitter base (which doubles as a custom-fitted charging cradle) to your home audio system or mobile device, and enjoy crystal-clear wireless audio from over 30m meters away. The K935 is a premium wireless headphone with generous connectivity options and a focus on quality materials and comfort.

Features & benefits

Digital wireless AKG sound for unimpaired listening pleasure

The premium wireless K935 headphones featuring stunning audio quality and long-wearing comfort 

All of the sound, none of the limitations

Audiophiles will love the crisp and crystal-clear audio of the AKG K935 that follows you throughout the home. Complete with a generous signal range and robust connection, the 2.4GHz digital wireless technology delivers high-quality sound without distracting artifacts – so the sound arrives in your ear with Hi-Fi or TV-quality. 

AKG signature sound

K935 headphones feature stunning wireless audio quality and lossless digital audio streaming. Putting the listener in complete control, K935 includes adjustable sensitivity, so signal sensitivity that best matches your audio source can be selected.

Comfort in style

With a unique, white modern-look, the new AKG headphones deliver on design too, with soft, over-ear pads that surround the ear to ensure long-wearing comfort. Whether it’s a movie marathon, the first full listening of a new album or lengthy game-off, the luxury velvet ear pads of the K935s will ensure maximum comfort and isolation from outside noise. 

  • 1 pair AKG K935 headphones
  • 1 K935 docking station
  • 1 Cable - suitable for mini jack (3.5mm) or RCA outputs
  •  1 User Manual
  • Warranty card


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  • If you want to enjoy the sound of your hi-fi system privately, but without beingtethered to a headphone socket, then AKG’s K935 wireless’ phone is the perfect solution.

    The base unit, which can be wall-mounted, includes hidden magnets tha thold the headphone in place while they charge, allowing for up to eight hours of remote listening enjoyment over a high quality 2.4GHz wireless connection. RCA and 3.5mm analogue inputs are fitted along with a sensitivity switch to accommodate a wide variety of music sources. Not only does the K935 develop a very detailed, spacious and sympathetic sound, but its soft and compliant velvetear pads and light weight ensure the headphone is equally comfortable to wear.

    – AKG K935 EISA